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  • Want a rustic look for your project? Why not specify our unique wood light posts? Laminated from pacific coast Douglas Fir and pressure treated the entire length, this product makes for a durable and highly cost-effective choice. The lamination process allows for an internal wireway throughout the post. This eliminates the use of unsightly external conduit.

    Douglas Fir in it's natural state weathers to a silver gray finish often referred to as "Driftwood". Knots and checking (small cracks) only add to the rustic appearance. The life expectancy exceeds twenty years even in extreme enviornmental conditions.

    Installation is quick and easy. Simply auger a hole, drop it in and backfill accordingly depending on soil conditions. Dollars are saved by eliminating the concrete base and anchor bolts associated with most metal poles.

    For natural appearance, low maintenance and longevity install laminated wood light posts on your next project.

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