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  • There are many different types and styles of decorative ornamental posts available for your project, each with it's own advantages and disadvantages. Here are the types of poles available for you to choose from:

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    Cast Aluminum Posts - Have been around for over 50 years and are very popular around the country. Posts with cast aluminum bases and shafts are true to the turn of the century originals and include tapered shafts. Those posts with cast bases and extruded shafts have straight shafts and are more cost effective.

    Cast Iron Posts - Are the original posts used around and before the turn of the century. Cast Iron is the original material that was used to manufacture the first ornamental light posts. Some of these have cast iron shafts and some have steel shafts. Because of the weight of cast iron posts, they are typically shipped to the jobsite prime painted and must be painted in the field. Cast iron is usually a little more expensive than cast aluminum but has the advantage of not rusting beyond the surface layer of metal, making for a very long lifespan.

    Concrete Posts - A top choice of municipalities because they require very little maintenance and have superior durability. These posts can be direct buried which saves on installation costs because the installer doesn't have to form a concrete foundation and set anchor bolts. Concrete posts come with fluted, round, square, hexagonal, and octagonal shafts and are manufactured using a spinning process which produces poles that are very strong without being overly bulky. The posts have aggregates in them (like a terazzo floor) and come in a variety of colors. Some poles can be polished (again, like terazzo).

    Composite Posts - Another top choice because they also require very little maintenance and have superior durability, corrosion resistence and do not conduct electricity. Our composite posts have the longest warranty of any post, regardless of type, in the industry. Composite posts can be direct buried which saves on installation costs because the installer doesn't have to form a concrete foundation and set anchor bolts. Our composite posts come in round, round tapered, square, square tapered, fluted, octagonal, and smooth shafts with many choices of ornamental bases and standard finish colors to choose from. Go to the composite post main page now to see the many choices available.

    Wood Posts - These are NOT telephone poles. Our wood posts are made from laminated, pressure treated, Douglas Fir. All our wood posts have an internal wireway.

    Traffic Signal Poles - Decorative traffic signal poles are very hard to find. We have many different designs available for you to choose from so your project can have a consistent look throughout between the light posts and the traffic signal posts.


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