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  • There are several different types of decorative composite posts for you to choose from depending on your project, your budget, and the type of fixture(s) you are using. Here are the types that are available:

    100 Series- is a smooth, straight 3.5" O.D. lamp post constructed using a pultruded process. This reinforced fiberglass composite incorporates longitudinal glass roving, continuous strand mat, and off-axis fibers provide for a durable, high strength, lightweight shaft with optimum performance at a minimal cost.

    200 Series - is a straight, fluted 4" O.D. lamp post constructed using the pultrusion process similar to the 100 Series above. The 16, 1/2" thick flutes provide a greater visual interest with added strength and stiffness at an attractive price.

    300 Series - is smooth, tapered and constructed using a patented filament winding technology. The post has a 3.4" top diameter and a .14" per foot taper. These poles provide an exceptional strength to weight ratio.

    350 Series - is constructed similarly to the 300 Series but has a 4.5" top diameter. Typically you will want to use the 350 Series instead of the 300 Series when using multiple luminaires on one post.

    400 Series - features the classic 2" per foot tapered fluted shaft. The traditionally sized 4.5" post top accommodates most fitter styles gracefully. This unique shaft is constructed of three layers of structural composite materials engineered to meet the most demanding loading conditions including mutiple luminaire applications, banner arms, street signs and accessories.

    500 Series - is an octagonal, tapered lamp post that is constructed similarly to the 400 Series and includes a 2" per foot tapered shaft and a 4.5" post top.

    800 Series - is a heavy duty version of the 350 Series for use with large-scale luminaires and luminaire clusters. The larger size lends itself well to projects like downtown streetscapes and utilitarian applications.

    900 Series - two-piece Base Covers can be used with existing posts or posts other than composite.


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