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    Cast Aluminum is the predominent material being used for ornamental site lighting today. Although, pound for pound, aluminum is more expensive than iron, its light weight allows for easier installation which translates into dollar savings.

    Unlike many cast aluminum manufacturers, our posts are produced from the highest quality alloy (ASTM 356.2). This alloy has the lowest amount of copper content and a higher amount of aluminum and magnesium which provides for better strength and corrosion resistance.

    Our posts are manufactured in permanent molds rather than the "sand casting" molds used by many other manufacturers. Greater strength, detail, and uniformity are achieved through this process.

    If the budget is tight, a cast aluminum base can be combined with an extruded aluminum straight shaft which makes for a highly economical assembly.

    Cast aluminum posts provide a rich appearance that will enhance any hardscape without sacrificing strength or durability.

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