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  • Landscape lighting can be an important part of your project. The lighting and highlighting of walls, shrubs, trees, building facades, etc. can make a huge difference in the nighttime aesthetics throughout a project and create an atmosphere that is pleasing and beautiful as well as give people a sense of being safe and secure.

    There are many different types of landscape lighting available. Keep in mind that we can help you to determine how many and what types of landscape lighting you need for your project. Here are the choices you have to choose from:

    Bollards - These lights are typically no more than 42" tall and are used mostly for lighting walkways and sidewalks. They are available in spun aluminum, cast aluminum, cast iron, concrete, and fiberglass.

    In-Ground Lights - These lights are mounted flush in the ground and are used in areas where you don't want anything to protrude above ground level. They can be mounted in soil or on concrete.

    Bullet Lights - Floodlights can be used to light walls, trees, statues, etc. These bullet shaped floodlights usually have an integral 1/2" threaded knuckle mount and can be supplied with a wide variety of lamp types and sources to meet any needs.

    Floodlights - Simialar to the bullet lights above except they are most often rectangular in shape and usually have HID type lamps. These hi-powered lights can be used to light large objects or, with a narrow beam spread, to light objects from a large distance away.

    Festoon Lights - Unlike christmas tree strings of lights which utilize small lamps with low wattages, Festoon lights are very heavy duty with larger lamp globes and higher wattages. Our Festoon light strings are the ONLY ones UL listed as a system and in Europe they are even listed to be submerged in water! Go to the Festoon Picture pages to see some applications.

    String Lights - Putting strings of white lights in trees for decoration and to create a festive atmosphere all year long has become very popular in recent years. Our string lights are heavy duty commercial grade and are made to be used all year round and to last for many years (Christmas tree lights only have a seasonal UL listing and are designed to be used for only a few weeks a year). The lamps we use in our strings have a very long life and do not have to replaced as often as other types of string lights. We even have a light string which utilizes LED lamps that can last 10 to 20 years before burning out and use only 10 to 20 percent of the power of incandescent systems!

    Pathway Lighting - Small pathways and walkways can often be lit using very low level (6"-18" high) lights. These lights are very cost effective and can supply a very good lighting job. Some have side and uplight components that can light shrubs that are near them.

    Underwater Lights - These lights are designed to be completely submersed in water. They are commonly used in fountains to light water jets and effects.

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