Gas Lantern Pictures:

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GL001-10"w X 22"h

GL001A-16"w x 29"h

GL002-5"w X 15.5"h

GL002A-6.75w X 23.5h

GL003-17.5"w X 25.5"h


GL004-9.5"w X 24"h

GL004A-15.5"w X 32"h

GL005-11.5"w X 24"h

GL005A-15"w X 33"h

GL006-10"w X 23"h


GL009-13"w X 27"h

GL009A-17"w X 35"h

GL007-7"w X 20.5"h

GL007A-9"w X 27.5"h

GL008-10.5"w X 21"h

GL008A-17"w X 30.5"h

The above fixtures are also available in wall mounted versions. Contact us for more information.




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