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  • Photometric Layouts

    Many times on a project it is a requirement for you to supply what's called a point-by-point photometric layout to show compliance with a local or other code or regulation regarding light levels or spill light on adjacent properties, or you just want to know how many fixtures to use and how far apart to space them in order to obtain a good lighting job for your project. IESNA (Illuminating Engineering Society of North America) is the organization that sets the standards for lighting levels and uniformity in the USA. If you don't abide by the recommendations set forth in the latest (Ninth Edition) IES Lighting Handbook you could be opening yourself or your client up for a lawsuit if something happens on your property because of a possible inadequate lighting job.

    We can provide quick and expert photometric layouts if you need them for your project. Contact us to find out more.


    3D Color Renderings

    Sometimes it is hard for you or your client to visualize what the lighting will look like after it is installed on the project. What shadows will I have on the ground? Will this sign be lit evenly?

    We can create a full color 3D rendering of an area of your project so you or your client can see exactly what the light and shadows will look like when it is installed. Our rendering program uses the actual photometrics of the fixture you have chosen so the results will be amazingly close to the actual lighting after the project is finished. Below are a couple of examples. Click on the pictures to see a larger version.




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